Patient Centered Medical Home

Welcome to our Patient-Centered Medical Home.


A Patient-Centered Medical Home is a partnership between the patient and their physician. Being a part of Patient-Centered Medical Home, your doctor will:

  • Work with you to improve your health
  • Review your medications at every visit and discuss with you any interactions or contraindications
  • Electronically prescribe your medications to ensure they are accurate and available to you promptly
  • Develop a personal action plan with you to address your chronic conditions
  • Set goals with you and monitor your progress
  • Use computer technology to monitor your progress and determine if your health is improving Inform you of all test results
  • Help you take control of your health by providing you educational material, hosting group visits and linking you to other community programs and resources
  • Provide you 24 hours access to a clinical decision-maker by phone
  • Have arrangements with after-hours care to be informed of your visit

By choosing to participate in a Patient-Centered Medical Home, patients agree to:

  • Make sure my doctor knows my entire medical history
  • Tell my doctor all of the medications I am taking
  • Actively participate with my doctor in planning my care
  • Keep my appointments as scheduled
  • Adhere to the action plan designed by my doctors
  • Consult my doctor before making my own appointment with a specialist
  • Request that any other doctor I see send my doctor a report, copies of lab work, test results, and x-rays
  • Know my insurance and what it covers
  • Provide the office feedback on how they can improve

Oakland Medical Center is recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home. It has passed the requirements set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s “Physician Practice Connections and Patient Centered Medical Home” Recognition Program and provides the services required of a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Oakland Medical Center’s Patient Centered Medical Home

  1. Offers Comprehensive Care
  2. Is Patient-Centered
  3. Provides Coordinated Care
  4. Has Accessible Services
  5. Assures Quality and Safety

Comprehensive Care

We work to provide comprehensive care for your physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care. Oakland Medical Center has a team of primary care providers and links to specialty providers and services.


We provide relationship-based care with an orientation toward the whole person. Partnering with you and your family requires understanding and respecting your unique needs, culture, values, and preferences. We help you learn to manage and organize your own care at the level you choose. You and your family are core members of the care team, so Oakland Medical Center ensures that you are fully informed partners in establishing care plans.

Coordinated Care

Oakland Medical Center coordinates care across all elements of the broader health care system. This is particularly critical during transitions between sites of care, such as when patients are being discharged from the hospital. We work to build clear and open communication among patients and families, the medical home, and members of the broader care team.

Accessible Services

We strive to deliver accessible services with shorter waiting times, extended office hours, and alternative methods of communication such as email and telephone care.

Quality and Safety

Oakland Medical Center is committed to quality and quality improvement. We monitor quality with performance measurement and improvement, quickly responding to your experience and satisfaction with our staff and facilities.